draft resignation letter
Sonja Ivor
to Sonja Ivor

Captain Wayne Lanchester,

Please accept this letter as notification of my resignation from my role as part of the Boston Police Department. My last day with the agency will be October 1, 2016. I am currently a co-owner to a business, along with issues that have been brought up over my own personal faculties, I believe lead me to feel that I am no longer qualified to handle a position at this time.

Your patience as part of my injury last year will never be forgotten. Many agencies would have terminated me during that time. But, you were a champion for my skills and I am very grateful. I have enjoyed this agency as if it is my family and will miss all of our department members.

I know such changes are often not easy for involved task force team members. I do not want to weigh down anyone elses workload and am pulling together all of the notes needed to make the transition smooth. I welcome anyone from the agency calling me with any questions after my departure at sonja.ivor@pd.boston.gov or 617-626-4938.

With respect,

Sonja Ivor