not out of the woods yet

Let's rush tonight. The music is still playin' so get up and fight. You know that you want it. You know that you would. I'm on the battlefield. Like, oh my God oh la la. Knocking soldiers down like house of cards oh la la. I'm a one woman army oh la la. Yes, I'm a one woman army.
Got venom dripping from my lips. Know who you're about to kiss. Think that you can handle it, boy, it's on. Just step into the danger zone. Shake it if you wanna roll, never bend, just take control, stakes are on.
She's a five when she drinks, but she's a ten when she's on top of me. She don't wanna love she just wanna touch. She's a greedy girl to never get enough. She don't wanna love she just wanna touch. She's Got all the moves that make you get it up.
Come on boy I've been waiting for somebody to pick up my stroll. Now don't waste time, give me desire, tell me how you wanna roll. I want somebody to speed it up for me then take it down slow. There's enough room for both. Girl I can hit you back just gotta show me where it's at. Are you ready to go?
As he came into the window. It was the sound of a crescendo. He came into her apartment. He left the bloodstains on the carpet. She ran underneath the table. He could see she was unable. So she ran into the bedroom. She was struck down, it was her doom.
The carousel goes around, round and round. The addiction, the friction, it burns you alive. So illegal, no evil is seen with these eyes.
Can You See It? What, Where Is It? It's Over There. Yeah It Is. Over The Horizon The Sun, The Sun. It's Rising. Til The Sunrise Up, The Sunrise Up. Til The Sunrise Up, The Sunrise Up.
I feel good, I walk alone but then I trip over myself and I fall. I, I stand up, and then I'm okay. But then you print some shit that makes me wanna scream. So do what you want, what you want with my body.
She took my arm, I don't know how it happened. We took the floor and she said. Oh don't you dare look back just keep your eyes on me. I said you're holding back. She said shut up and dance with me.
What's wrong with being confident? It's time to get the chains out? Is your tongue tied up? 'Cause this is my ground and I'm dangerous. And you can get off, but it's all about me tonight.
They say we are what we are, but we don't have to be. I'm bad behavior but I do it in the best way. I'll be the watcher (watcher) of the eternal flame. I'll be the guard dog of all your fever dreams.
And every night, every day I'm gonna say I'm gonna get you, I'm gonna get you. Look out boy, 'cause I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna make you love me.
Come take my hand. I won't let you go. I'll be your friend. I will love you so deeply. I will be the one to kiss you at night. I will love you until the end of time.