decided November treat specials



don't put your brother in the oven!
(Sweet Potato Pecan & Bourbon Pie)
seasonal trial flavor

who are all these people?
(Boozy Black and White Truffles)
trial flavor

we don't say that to their faces
(Spiked Biscoff Cookie Icebox Cake)
flavor of the month / hoe cake

thankful when its over
(Brown Butter Rum Cannoli)
morning special

where's my elastic pants?
(Chocolate Amaretto Silk Pie)
month specialty - proceeds going to St. Francis House

breaking into the liquor cabinet early
(Whiskey Pear Tart)
trial flavor

another case of food poisoning
(Rum Raisin Oatmeal Cookie)
seasonal trial flavor

dad thinks he's frying the bird again
(Bite-Sized Vegan Chocolate Bourbon Pies)
seasonal trial flavor