community spotlight
why are you so gorgeous and intimidating??  while i appreciate the compliments, i have no idea, other than the fact that i carry a gun and handcuffs. outside of that i am always willing to toss out faces like this to make people run away from me for other kinds of reasons. why are you like the amazonian queen of many a mens' dreams?  its all in the power that comes behind the sword. you have to know how to work it. why is your hair so perfect?  its fake. except not chemically altered. i have a thousand cats come groom it daily. who is your hero?  mariah carey. which is a bold lie. enrique iglesias could be if he played his cards right. post mole, of course. how much does it come across as me dodging the question when i say no one? i'd rather be my own. its natural to compare yourself to others and to want to pick up traits from them, but when it comes down to it, its always up to you to save yourself or to help others. and where i fail, i would hope that someone else would succeed, but if i see white stallions, i'd rather ride with them than behind them. what do you find the most relaxing besides a day out miming?  a good bottle of wine and some nature sounds. sit outside in the open air, it doesn't matter if its warm out or freezing. that freedom and to see how life moves around you. everything is going on, no matter what you're going through or stressed out about. what's the most difficult challenge you've ever beat?  i used to say this 6'5" bouncer, but i don't know if that counts anymore. it did feel good though. describe the perfect balls.  8.5 inches (22 cm) or 5 inches (13 cm). oh, this isn't dodgeball. on average 2 to 3 inches in length and 1 inch in width, and in the palm of my hand. possibly purple turning blue. what flavor hoe cake would you be?  marble cake with raspberry filling. is there something you missed out on as a kid?  more time. all i could have wished for. if you were Ellen Degeneres for a day, who would you have on your show?  matt bomer. and i would introduce him as matt boner. have you ever been turned on by watching someone eat dinner?  does this turn you on? what is at the bottom, middle, and top of your bucket list?  Fly in a hot-air balloon. Throw tomatoes at La Tomatina. Go on a dog sledding expedition. If you could change one thing about our friendship what would it be?  more wine. fill that need. what do you wear to bed?  i'm picky about comfort. texture based. ranges from nothing, to silk, or just a t-shirt. what's your favorite mixed drink?  flaming dr. pepper. what was your worst dating experience?  i've never done a lot of dating. never tried online dating sites or apps. i don't know if this makes me appear old or virginal. being picked up is usually laughable. i'm not the nicest in those situations. do you ever sext?  yes, on occasion. what would you consider a relationship 'deal breaker'?  lying. there's no relationship of any type without trust. and the moment its gone, everything is questionable and under scrutiny. if your dog could talk, what would he say?  i love this crazy bitch. where did you hide my treats? what would you say is the biggest misconception about your job?  everyone is crooked. if you had to be on a game show, which one would you pick and why?  if i could get in on a family for family feud i would, but i'm not sure what's out there past the price is right. only because its been out there for so long. i did google. killer karaoke. put me on so i can fail fast. what was the worst fashion/beauty trend you've participated in?  orange fake tans. in a game of truth or dare, what's the best dare you can think of?  walk outside and stop the first person you come across. sit them down and give them a lap dance, while holding a conversation with the last person you texted through bluetooth.
    How did you get along with each of their siblings?  i loved them so much i could have popped off their heads like dolls. i did do this to dolls, and threatened my brothers that way. but aren't these things that siblings do? For what would you die for?  when i picked these, i didn't realize i pulled this many morbid ones. but i would die for whom i deem royalty and anything i believe in. Do you have a patron Deity?  Scáthach. she is the female warrior of celtic mythology. What would you do if someone shot at (attacked) you?  fight back, whatever means necessary. Does you have a “Black-and-White” view of reality or can you see shades of grey?  i don't look a life like a badly written porn book. but i do believe there's a lot of grey out there. but the fact that they are all shades, and include this black and white, is telling. it shows where they lean and how they should be treated. What would you like to be remembered for after your death?  going the distance.