There wasn't a whole lot to be said about the early life of Sonja Ivor. It had been a time where she was happy, only having the usual problems of children her age. Complaints about when she would be allowed a dog, lists of ideas of items she wanted for her birthday, and being grounded for moments where she snuck out to a friends house past curfew. But all of this came tumbling down around her. An upper middle-class home being the site of a home invasion gone wrong. A vacation that had been set out ahead of time was cancelled due to her father being able to set the dates properly with his employer. People that had shown up to a party had overheard the plans she was so excited about and had been watching Sonja for a good month before everything happened.

The night that it all had went down, Sonja would never forget it. It would become something that would haunt her for the rest of her life. She had no idea what was happening to the rest of her family or that they would be dead before the end of the night. She had her own difficulties in the fact that she woke up that night, with a man on top of her. He held a knife to her throat and told her to be quiet. There were threats issued, not just against her physically if she made sounds, but her family. She did as she was told, crying the entire time. She had no idea if that was what set him off to do what he did or if it was what he planned to do anyway. There was more than one of them though. Someone calling out to him to come on and hurry up as he stabbed her with a knife repeatedly, leaving her to bleed out. Believing that she was dead, he wiped the blade on his pants and pocketed it, running off with his unknown assailant.

Waking up in the hospital and being told all that had happened that night, she learned that it was her mother that had barely been able to get the phone call in for emergency services. But, the woman had already lost too much blood herself before they had arrived. The entire incident had sent Sonja into a deep depression. She had lost everything and everyone that mattered most to her at the age of seventeen. Living with some cousins that she had in the area, no one knew what to do with her or what to say. There was no way to make any of it better, and while they attempted to help her get therapy, she simply sat through it without really giving her side of things.

For the rest of the year, she fought against herself in wanting to recall the memories that hurt so much. The worst being her own rape and the murder of her parents and brothers. It was as if part of her died in that house. By the time she turned eighteen, the house was sold and the money went into a special account for her alone. Barely graduating high school, she didn't want to go to college. Nothing felt right to her anymore. She longed for something else, something to fix what had happened. If nothing else, to stop others from seeing the same fate.

It was during a demonstration by the fire department and police station that she finally realized what she wanted. While she waited to turn twenty-one, she took night courses to gain her degree in criminal justice, while moonlighting as a waitress and anything else she could to get by. Entering the Police Academy was not a task that was to be taken lightly and she was far from doing that. She gave it her all, wanting to be the best of the best. She was looking to make it up the ladder, taking in everything like a sponge to water. Once she was able to take the exams necessary to become a detective, it had felt like an eternity before reaching her dream. She knew that it wouldn't be the sort of dream job most people worked for, but she was all too proud of herself for making it there and keeping on through it. A place she has been for the past seven years now.

Red Sonja   Known as the "She-Devil with a Sword," Red Sonja is the greatest swordswoman of the Hyborean Age and more than a match for any man in combat.

During the royal stage of Red Sonja's life, Sonja liberated the downtrodden kingdom of Sogaria from the oppression of the Emoran Empire and became Sogaria's queen. After successfully defending her people from the threat of Thulsa Doom, Sonja made plans with her ally, Zartur, to protect Sogaria from Emoran reprisal. Sonja and Zartur launched a covert operation to cause a war between two opposing factions within the Empire while also instigating a slave revolt, throwing Emora into chaos. In retaliation, Emoran Emperor Antonious marched his vast army to Sogaria with the intention of crushing Sonja's kingdom. Sonja countered by leading a daring raid on the Emoran capital of Nicola and seizing the Imperial treasury. Sonja then challenged Antonious to a duel for the possession of the Empire's riches. Antonious unwisely accepted the challenge and Sonja killed him in personal combat. With the victory, Queen Sonja has become Empress Sonja, but she must now defend her new title from Imperial wizard Koliostri, who is determined to destroy her.

berserker strength
bikini armor
crown & jewels
divine protection
escape artistry
expert horseback rider
expert marksmanship
full chain mail armor suit
high intellect
impervious to cold
knowledge of supernatural
leather gear
master martial artist
master tracker
peak human agility
peak human stamina
peak level athlete
queen's armor
weapon master
LOCKED ITEMS battleaxe
two pistols

Veil lifted
TIE-INS goes by the same name.
her father's name was ivor in cv. it is her last name.
similiar family as well as both lost their family and were raped at 17.
physical traits as well as some personality ones, such as views on vengence.
facts Music tastes and style runs all over the board. Favors Twenty One Pilots and OneRepublic. Is quietly a Nickelback fan. Listens to christian rock bands when she's thinking about the past or her family.

Cleans and bakes when she's nervous. It has a calming effect on her and there is music playing in the background each time.

Likes to overdress for occasions, especially where she has to wear a dress. Favors red and black.

Quit her career as a police detective for the SAU in October of 2016 due to extenuating circumstances as played out in the game.

Holds an adventurous spirit and loves to dance.

Has a prescription that she keeps for just in case measures, specifically for her panic attacks, but she does not take them.

Previously held scarring on her lower abdomen and right shoulder.

pets Droolius Caesar. (m)
Ke Kaumaha. (f)
Red (m)

family Deceased Family: 9/1/00
Leonard / Father. 6/5/53
Sophia / Mother. 4/12/58
Jonathon / Eldest brother. 10/3/85
Matthew / Middle brother. 1/14/87
David / Baby brother. 2/22/88
Nameless / Unborn sister. (11/27/00)